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Belmar Breakfast Menu

Farm Fresh Eggs, Any Style

Served with breakfast potatoes (Toast upon request)

1 Large Egg, 2 Slices of Bacon


2 Large Eggs, 2 Slcies of your choice of Bacon, Pork Sausage, Turkey Sausage, Pork Roll or Turkey Bacon


2 Large Eggs


Breakfast Sandwich

3 fried eggs on roll 3.95
With cheese 4.50
With meat (pork roll, bacon, turkey bacon, sausage) 5.50
With meat and cheese 6.75

Healthy & Heart Delicious Scramblers



6 Scrambled egg whites, turkey, spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, red onions, fresh mozzarella. Choice of breakfast potatoes, cottage cheese, or sliced tomato.

Long Life


Sautéed broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, mini colored peppers, tomato, onions & asparagus are blended into 5 scrambled egg whites with cubes of fresh mozzarella, & oregano.
(No Side)

Pumping Iron


6 Egg whites & 8 oz. ground turkey, goat cheese, sautéed spinach, onion, tomato & asparagus.
(Pure protein)

No Retreat. No Surrender!!


6 Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, peppers, onions & breakfast potatoes all blended together with cheddar cheese then topped with crispy pork roll, American cheese & scallions for health purposes.

Empower Me


5 Scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, diced tomato, spinach, onions, cheddar cheese. Choice of breakfast potatoes, cottage cheese, or diced tomato.

Forever Young - Breakfast


Asparagus, fresh sliced turkey, hard-boiled egg whites, red & yellow peppers, red onions, scallions & oregano are blended, sautéed & lightly seasoned to create a robust, plentiful & very high energy feast. Finished with a side of seasonal fruit.

Whild Thing


6 Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, capers, cream cheese, tomato & scallion. Served with breakfast potatoes.

Pick Me! Pick Me!


Indulge in this hearty dish of 6 fluffy scrambled eggs blended with whole grain rice, scallions, oregano, spinach, mushrooms, onions, smoked chicken sausage, & a touch of pepper jack cheese. Served with grilled pita.

Grandma Jenny's Blitzes

Choice of Cheese, Strawberry or Blueberry (3)


Homemade & topped with powdered sugar & drizzled with sweet cream sauce.

Nutella and Banana Blintzes (3)


A European tradition. Nutella & diced bananas. Topped with powdered sugar, sliced bananas & drizzled with sweet cream sauce.

Not Your Nana's Crepes


Sylvia's handmade blintzes stuffed with our fresh mascarpone sweet cream and fresh strawberries.
Add bananas for $2.00. Topped with powdered sugar. Go ahead, indulge!


Served with breakfast potatoes (Toast upon request)
Add American, Swiss, Cheddar - $1.00 | Goat Cheese, Mozzarella - $1.50
Egg Whites - $1.00 | Each additional Veggie - $1.00

American Cheese Omelette


Mushroom Omelette


Ham & Cheese Omelette


Vegetarian's Favorite Omelette


Sautéed baby spinach, onion, broccoli, mushroom, tomato.

Smoked Salmon & Goat Cheese Omelette


Fresh smoked salmon, goat cheese, red onion, tomato, scallion.

Crossfit Egg White Omelette


Power up with diced grilled chicken, spinach, feta & red onion. (No Side)

The Loaded Pierogi Omelette


Stuffed with homemade potato pierogies, bacon, American cheese, & sautéed onions. Topped with scallions. Served with sour cream. (No Side)

Classic Western Omelette


Ham, peppers, onion.

Bacon Omelette


Jersey Omelette


Pork roll & American cheese.

Mediterranean Omelette


Spinach, feta, red onions, tomatoes, olives, roasted red peppers.

Healthy Kick-Start Omelette


Turkey, Swiss cheese, mushroom.

Mr. Green Jeans Omelette (Side of Cottage Cheese)


Egg whites, broccoli, spinach, sun dried tomato, mozzarella.

Pastrami & Arugula Omelette


8 oz. of pastrami, sautéed onions, Swiss cheese, arugula. Served with breakfast potatoes.

The Benedicts

Eggs Benedict


3 Poached eggs served over Canadian bacon, spinach. On toasted English muffin. Topped with hollandaise sauce. Served with breakfast potatoes.

Let's Get Together Benedict


3 Poached eggs served over pastrami, arugula. On and in a fresh bread bowl. Topped with chipotle hollandaise. Served with a salad of arugula, goat cheese, fresh strawberries & dried cranberries.

Nova Benedict


3 Poached eggs served over smoked salmon, steamed spinach. On toasted English muffin. Topped with hollandaise sauce. Served with breakfast potatoes

P.S. I Love You


You'll be whispering that to us after you've eaten this mammoth Egg Benny stuffed with pulled pork, sliced raw tomato. 3 poached eggs, scallions, and hollandaise on a flaky croissant. Served with breakfast potatoes. Don't try to pick it up.

The Comfi Benedict


The journey begins with creamy homemade red skin mashed potatoes bathed with a generous blend of sautéed mushrooms, onions, baby spinach. A hand breaded fried chicken cutlet. 3 perfectly poached eggs, & a chipotle hollandaise sauce sit atop this masterpiece. Served with a side of fresh asparagus.

Cold Beverages, Juices, Hot Drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Ginger Ale


Homemade Flavored Iced Tea






Hot Chocolate


Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Cranberry Juice, Pinapple Juice, Grapefruit Juice

12 oz. $4.50 / 16 oz. $5.

Organic Iced Green Tea with Honey




Chocolate Milk


Iced Coffee


Hot Tea (Black, Green, Herbal)


Flavored Iced Coffee or Hot Tea


Amaretto, Bailey’s Crème Brûlée, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Peanut Butter, Mocha, Caramel Mocha, Caramel Hazelnut, and ask about our seasonal flavors!
*Add Flavored Creamers – $0.50

* These items may be served raw or undercooked, or contain raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness